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Time to take

a break

Time for RECESS

‘Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. Scientific ‘aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs.

RECESS aims to help you take breaks to learn and explore new topics, ideas and content that will help you be the best scientist you can be. Enjoy!


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Next Webinar

Wed 5 May, 12-12:30pm (AEST)
Communication of your science is core to your science having impact, but most people only read the title and maybe the summary or abstract. This means they need to be engaging! This webinar will cover tips on how to prepare an effective scientific summary/abstract. Register here

three ways

We Will Help You

Quality science that is accessible isn’t possible without improving the personal and science skills of those spending the research dollars. This is the goal of RECESS and GEMS; but we understand that sometimes you need to share the load, which is the support Sativus provides.


Support services for improving the quality and accessibility of research


 Sativus' professional and personal development network.


Sativus' training program to support researchers and managers.

we're here to help

The Sativus team is passionate for ensuring science is high quality, aligned with end-user needs and presented in a language that is understandable by those that need the information. We’d love to know how we can help you.

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