Time to take a break:

Recess By Sativus – 013


Time for RECESS!

‘Aha’! moments (also called ‘insight’) happen when your brain isn’t focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve. Scientific ‘aha’ moments lead to scientific breakthroughs. So for the sake of scientific advancement, take your lunch break!

Read funny astronomical names

Astronomical phenomena can have some funny names, like the star named ‘Sualocin’ (‘Nicolaus’ spelt backwards), or the nebula called ‘Dark Doodad’. Click here

Watch ‘deep tech’

Basically ‘deep tech’ means bringing together science, engineering and design thinking – it’s how you create true innovations. Click here

Learn about Open Access

Considering publishing your science open access? You need a reputable journal – search the database here: https://doaj.org/

Kangaroos in the snow

‘Kangaroos’ and ‘snow’ are not two terms often together in the same sentence, but it makes for great viewing! Click Here

In case you missed it

You will have a lot of ‘good’ ideas throughout your scientific career, but unfortunately, not all of them will be well received by others. This webinar will give you tips on how to refine your scienctific ideas to increase engagement and collaboration with others. To watch the recording, Click here

*All information including events and links are correct at time of publishing.


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