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We are excited to announce that the Essential Skills for Scientists online professional development program has now been officially launched!

Head to the GEMS website to discover more about the Essential Skills for Scientists online program and sign up for a free trial.

Essential Skills for Scientists online program

Essential Skills for Scientists is a series of online courses designed to help improve the skillset and capability of scientists, researchers and their managers who work, or plan to work, within the research, development, extension and adoption (RDE&A) sectors. The aim is to help scientists improve their science communication and project management skills, and understanding of key concepts like networking, dealing with rejection and career planning. 

Read about time management

It is all too easy for working scientists to fill our days with meetings and other small tasks that leave only small gaps for the serious work. It is important to create time and space for hard tasks. Click here

Free play with protein folding

This open source code provides an implementation of the AlphaFold v2.0 system. It allows users to predict the 3-D structure of arbitrary proteins with unprecedented accuracy. Click here

Learn how to pitch

A scientific pitch is different to a scientific presentation – know the difference. Click here

Time for a laugh!

The 100 Greatest Movie Lines of All Time, Animated! Click Here


If you’re a woman in STEM, come join our short networking sessions! We’re constantly tweaking the format as we get to know each other and build confidence, but it’s always a lot of fun and a really great positive boost.

Sativus Pty Ltd will be holding another #WinS session on Thursday 30th September at 2.30am (AEST). It’s only a half hour, and you’ll get to practice networking while building confidence in a safe, informal, space.

Email Kylie to get the Zoom link.

We’d love to have you there!

*All information including events and links are correct at time of publishing.


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